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Hypnosis, EFT and Life-Between-Lives®

Welcome to my website. I am a well qualified (1999) hypnotherapist with many years experience, specialising in women’s issues, energy therapy (EFT) and Life- between-lives® regression therapy (LBL). I hope this site will help you to decide if these therapies are right for you. What is hypnotherapy? Hypnotherapy is a technique for using hypnosis to facilitate therapy (any kind of therapeutic technique) to make positive changes for the client. The various techniques are often familiar - regression, simple suggestion therapy, guided journeys, NLP, timeline type therapy, past life therapy, inner child work ... we choose the techniques to achieve the best results for the client. Using hypnosis makes the changes happen faster and they are lasting. Hypnosis has a certain air of mystery but it's just a naturally occuring altered state - trance - that you already go into many times during your day. You also pass through this state on your way down into sleep and when you wake up. It follows that you can already do it. Hypnotherapists utilise trance to gain direct access into your subconscious mind to work on your problems. It's important to feel comfortable with your chosen therapist and to have the treatment options explained properly. A properly qualified and experienced hypnotherapist will be able to explain everything you want to know about the process and how it works. Emotional Freedom Technique - EFT EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. Simple acuptapping sequences are used to intervene in the body's meridian energy system. It is related to acupuncture, shiatsu and reflexology. It is a perfect therapeutic partner to hypnotherapy and can be taught for use at home which makes it really useful for anxiety, fears and phobias. I learned to practise EFT in 2001 when the technique was emerging as a way of treating emotional distress. EFT has now developed into a successful therapeutic intervention with a worldwide network of therapists. With many years experience as an EFT practitioner and trainer I am confident that the technique will help you change the way you think and feel about your problems. Of course, when you think differently about the things that bother you will also feel different about them - and that is the key to EFT success.

Hemi-Sync® Audio Track

“Unleash and direct your inner power to focus on creating a positive future. Clinical hypnotherapist Deborah Bromley guides you on a journey to transform thoughts and dreams into reality. By signalling what you desire to your unconscious mind and higher self, you will work at energizing those changes and infusing them with focus, determination, increased motivation, and plenty of self-confidence. Let go of your limits, set aside your uncertainties, and get ready to create the life you desire. Includes two tracks; track one is an introduction to help you get the most out of this process, track two is the 33 minute verbally-guided exercise.”    Visit the Hemi-Sync page for more details. Sound cloud podcast of Deborah Bromley, talking with Ian Bentley about hypnosis, altered states, life-between-lives and other spiritual topics … Click here to go to the site and scroll down for Episodes 1 & 2.


New for 2018 Creating a Positive Future A guided meditation to manifest your own positive future and turn your dreams into reality.



The Channelling Group (2014) It happens sometimes that what you intend and what you get are so far apart you wonder how it went wrong. When Beatrice starts a spiritual reading group she only wants her friends to share their experiences and learn how to contact their spirit guides, not start uncontrolled paranormal activity in her own living room! The Walk-In (2016) In a scruffy part of North London, wickedness spawns paranormal occurrences that shock the group of friends into action. Someone is planning a Walk-In, taking over the body of an innocent and displacing their soul. The natural laws of Earth forbid such actions. The consequences will only impact a small number of close friends and family, but the precedent, if unchecked, could be the catalyst that spells the end. Find out more on the books page