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THE CHANNELLING GROUP - BOOK 1 (2014) A contemporary novel about spirit guides, the afterlife and hypnosis. It happens sometimes that what you intend and what you get are so far apart you wonder how it went wrong. When Beatrice starts a spiritual reading group she only wants her friends to share their experiences and learn how to contact their spirit guides, not start uncontrolled paranormal activity in her own living room! How can they continue when Rose nearly passes out and it's clear they have no idea what they are doing? Enter the mysterious Krystina who invites herself to lead them and teach them to channel properly. Every woman in the channelling group needs answers to some perplexing question about their lives. Who has the most to gain? Is it Jill: plump, self conscious but being romanced by a dreamy younger man? Or Hilary: her teenage daughter has been skipping school; is she in serious trouble? Or Pippa: her husband's depression is deepening; what should she do? Or Lesley: nurturing the most painful burden of all. Everything is connected, but not in any way they can imagine.   Amazon reviews: ‘It also gives you food for thought and opens out a whole new philosophy regarding life and death.’ ‘Perceptive, at times very funny, but equally as moving, it's one of those books that is hard to put down.’ ‘… a stimulating blend of richly detailed realism with a fascinating paranormal dimension, offering a novel and intriguing exploration of the spiritual life. It's also a page-turning good read ’ THE WALK-IN - BOOK II (2016) The channelling group has concluded for the moment and the friends are moving on with their lives. Zolli and Krystina, have separated  to work with other people, other projects. But Zolli traded his handsome human form for a chance to remain, disabled in a smashed up body, with his lover Jill and their child Agatha.  Zolli knows his daughter will have an important role to play in the future of the planet. In a scruffy part of North London, wickedness spawns paranormal and terrifying occurrences that shock the group of friends into action. Someone is planning a Walk-In, taking over the body of an innocent and displacing their soul. The natural laws of Earth forbid such hostile acts. The consequences will only impact a small number of close friends and family, but the precedent, if unchecked, could be the catalyst that triggers a chain of cataclysmic events. Krystina knows too much. By day her life is simple, her work undemanding, but at night she must leave her body sleeping and join with her spirit colleagues - guardians of the kingdoms of minerals, plants, animals and humankind - to seek a solution to the impending ruin caused by man's maltreatment of his beautiful home planet. Deadlines have been set. Mother Earth's inhabitants continue to defile and deface their world. The balance of energy is being destroyed. How can she and the other guardians find the key to avert an inevitable catastrophe? Amazon reviews:  ‘Brilliant. I read the first book The Channelling Group and couldn't wait for this next one. Much scarier than the first but beautifully written, the characters are believable. Would highly recommend.’ ‘… insight into an alternative way of thinking about the spirit world and the afterlife, while also telling a compelling story about an intelligent, interesting group of friends.’ IF YOU ENJOY THE BOOKS, PLEASE WRITE YOUR REVIEW ON AMAZON. THIS HELPS GUIDE OTHER READERS TOWARDS TITLES THAT THEY MIGHT ENJOY.
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I am Group Secretary and an enthusiastic member of this writers’ group that has published three anthologies of work: Tales of the Scorpion While Glancing out of a Window Talking Without Being Interrupted
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